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Gentlemen, welcome to your trusted gateway to meet beautiful Indonesian women that are sincerely seeking to meet foreign men for romantic relationships
and marriage. We will help you to find true love and happiness with our quality Asian dating tours for single men & exciting foreign affair romance tours to
Bali to meet a loyal loving partner by PT Indonesian introduction agency the leading Asia romance tour service & Asian dating tour packages for single men.
Our worldwide romance tour clients enjoy direct access to our genuine single Indonesian ladies seeking to meet foreign men for a romantic relationship and
will form friendships with many girls and develop relationships before meeting them in person and many more ladies at our exciting invitation only romance
tour social events on tropical Bali.

While our clients also enjoy direct access to contact our large up-to-date membership of interviewed, identified and confirmed single ladies all committed to
forming a genuine long term relationship with a foreign man, the real aim of direct contact is to help our clients gain confidence in their goal to form loving
relationships with our beautiful single ladies and to also select the girls they wish to attend our invitation only social dating events during their romance tour
and to arrange as many private dates and meet as many ladies as they wish while enjoying our exciting and very effective romance tours.

Our clients can start their meaningful search for their perfect loving partner while still in their home country and we offer a range of client support services
to help them benefit greatly from this first stage of their journey and their Asia romance tours. However, our clients have many advantages over that of free
online dating sites. The first important feature is that detailed screening and identification process means our clients can trust they are only communicating
with genuine females, which are sincerely seeking long term loving relationships with foreign men. Our clients do not risk the common disappointment and
deceptions from the many fake profiles that fraudulent individuals and criminals so often use on the many free dating and network sites as a means to scam
and defraud men that genuinely seeking love only to discover that they have been cruelly deceived. Men using free online dating sites in the hope of finding
love have no real idea of whom they are communicating with. Most men will go on to report that in many cases after only a few letter exchanges they start
to receive the normal requests for money and desperate pleas for financial assistance, normally via Western union when using the free online dating sites.

Genuine Asian ladies seeking relationships do not want pen-pals or to invest time in writing letters for any length of time. Be very suspicious of anyone who
does and persons that cannot make a commitment to meet you. Our members are all personally interviewed and confirmed genuine, so you can be sure you
are writing to a real lady with real intentions and not wasting your time and emotions with those that only wish to deceive you. Our members are expecting
to be meeting our clients that write to them in person and in less then a month in most cases and therefore are very motivated to get to know you and build
a relationship with you before you arrive.

Our Motivation: It is the most powerful fundamental need and desire of every human being, to love and be loved. It is simply vital to the human condition
and there is no greater force or motivation in human behavior or nature then the overwhelming desire to find our soul mate and loving partner. We will each
spend more time, more energy and each suffer more anxiety in trying to find a solution to this vital human emotional need over any other needs in our lives.
Men were never designed to be alone and being alone tends to lead to loneliness which in turn can lead to much suffering and even health and mental issues.
To find a suitable, loving, supportive and loyal partner to share our life with will allow us to enjoy the greatest emotional, physical and spiritual joys possible.
No other emotional connections can deliver such happiness, such fulfillment, such completeness and be of no greater value then the love of a good women.
However, to find suitable and loyal loving partners in our modern world is no easy task. Western women seem to have become confused about their duties
and often compete with their partners in leadership and economic roles. Greater modern day social freedoms and choices have also led to more relationship
failures and higher divorce rates. More and more men simply cannot find a suitable loving partner or have become deeply disillusioned with marriage and go
on to suffer great disappointment in their relationships. Our Asia foreign affair romance tours and Asia dating tours offer all our clients the best chances of
finding soul mates and loyal loving partners. Through Asian culture and upbringing Indonesian women have been taught the value of their position and roles
in marriage. Indonesian women take great pride in their marriage and make for very supportive and loving partners. Asian women tend to be very loyal and
obedient to their husbands. Asia has very low divorce rates due to cultural reasons and Asian women believe a marriage is for life and that divorce amounts
to shame and failure. We enjoy immense satisfaction in delivering our clients the chance of the ultimate happiness and joy that only love and marriage offers
with our Asia foreign affair romance tours and Asia dating tours in Bali.

Guaranteed NO Working Girls and NO Bar Girls: We only offer our clients genuine single decent girls serious in forming romantic relationships leading
to marriage to foreign men. We do not represent girls looking to extort or deceive our clients for financial gain. One of the greatest advantages we offer our
clients is that they will not be at risk of forming relationships with deceitful girls who have no intention other than to deceive foreign men for monetary gain.
The most dangerous types of working girls do not openly ply their trade in the streets, bars and discos. These working girls are far more devious in finding
clients and far more damaging to their victims. Although traditionally found in high numbers throughout Asia at all popular tourist locations, they will pretty
much be found wherever there are foreign men. However, with the advent of the Internet and the ever increasing ease of access to online communications
today from most of Asia, hoards of these truly wicked and dangerous girls have now graduated to being able to internationally search for the unwitting men
they seek to cruelly scam. Visit the average Internet café in any Asian tourist location and it will be full of girls posting photos with the promise of romance
using free online dating sites, social media and chat sites in the hope of hooking another naive victim to who she will soon be copying and pasting her well
used urgent emotional plea requesting money to solve her current desperate situation. Her next stop will be the western union office to collect her ill gotten
gains from her mislead suitor. We are effective in identifying and rejecting these fake lovers if trying to enter our member database and Asia romance tours.
Single man can find love & happiness with our upcoming foreign affair romance tours to Bali
Meet Single Ladies with Quality Asian Dating Vacations from a Foreign Affair Romance Tours & Exciting Asia Dating Tours for Single Men
You Could Meet 1000 Beautiful Single Indonesian Women Looking for Love with our Romance Tours & Exciting Asia Dating Tours in Indonesia
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Remaining Foreign Affair Asia Romance Tours & Asia Dating Tour Dates for 2014                              Our 5 Star Hotel
Bali, Indonesia
Bali, Indonesia
Bali, Indonesia
Bali, Indonesia
Bali, Indonesia
Bali, Indonesia
Bali, Indonesia
Bali, Indonesia
Bali, Indonesia
18/09/14 to 24/09/14 = 07 days/06 nights $1,795.00
18/09/14 to 27/09/14 = 10 days/09 nights $2,195.00
18/09/14 to 01/10/14 = 14 days/13 nights $2,695.00
09/10/14 to 15/10/14 = 07 days/06 nights $1,995.00
09/10/14 to 18/10/14 = 10 days/09 nights $2,395.00
09/10/14 to 22/10/14 = 14 days/13 nights $2,895.00
27/11/14 to 03/12/14 = 07 days/06 nights $1,795.00
27/11/14 to 06/12/14 = 10 days/09 nights $2,295.00
27/11/14 to 10/12/14 = 14 days/13 nights $2,695.00
The above 7, 10 and 14 Day Romance Tours include:

5% discount off the above rates if booking 90 days prior to tour date
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